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Anonymous said...

that's just part of growing up. live with it. btw, not everyone is so concerned on knowing what's coming up in 10 years. what's more important is you live and learn as you age.

it builds up to a lifetime. your life story.

so wat's in place ten years from now? don't worry bout it too much. we all have our weird anticipation of this world at younger age. it doesn't necessary mean a bad thing.

if you give up on what you stood up for, you give up on your hopes and dreams. you give up on yourself. albeit an expensive, materialistic and unhealthy world, you can manage to live through it being yourself. we're closer to death with each passing day anyway.

happiness is a pursuit. it's not attainable.

you may have this perfect man of your dream. it isn't too bad to settle for one with some of the bad qualities, but whom you'll cherish for his better ones.

so wat's in place ten years from now? why bother...

Ashi said...

Koolgeek, how many dreams come true in one's life? Have you so far realised any of your dreams? Am I repeating my life? I don't know. I think I need something new, fresh and close to the real me before my journey ends.

Tell u one thing, Ashi is my Japanese name. It comes from a character in Murakami's book. One boring day 10 years ago, me and 3 housemates of mine talked about giving ourselves a new name. I decided to call myself Ashi, and my best friend chose to call herself Ahe (title of this post). We then decided to have a little competition: see whose new name spred widest and called most.

10 years later, I prove I'm the winner.

Anonymous said...

have I realised my dreams? well, some yes. some yet. but life to me is more than just about ticking yes/no on your dream list. what you experience and how you grow and what you get along the way are important too.

congrats on your win. so what's the prize?

Ashi said...

Can I ask one question? or two? How old are you? And do you really understand Chinese? :-) don't beat me, it is just too hard for me to believe, a person with such a good command in English can understand Chinese.

I stayed in 4th colleague, room A007.