Saturday, January 27, 2007









Anonymous said...

it sounds interesting,can I sit in for your class?


Anonymous said...

dear weisee,

last night I heard some one said you got a new boy friend, is it true? I really have to congratulate than lucky man, ha ha!


陈慧思 said...

Serious? I have to ask prof first. It's really an interesting course but you have to prepare yourself for a big reading challenge (reading can be very challenging). We have to read a long journal every week and since the class is small, you cannot run away from answering belik belik questions asked by prof. So that means you must understand the essay very well before attending class.

Hey dear, tell me, who is that lucky man? I wish to congratulate him too, for getting such a cute girlfriend :-)

Kher Sham said...

Hallo, just visited your blog, it was recommended from a friend, whom you probably do not know. I am totally agree with you that the lack of philosophy course in local university is something unacceptable. It is quite scary if the development of science and technology does not accompanied by the maturity of the mind, the human itself. Malaysia is lacking philosopher, some did not even know Kant, Hegel and Descartes, but maybe it is ourselves that lacks the cradle of humanity? Our we really do not care at all? Anyway nice to know your good writing, keep up the good work.

Kher Sham Lim

陈慧思 said...

So we have a new friend here, all the way from Germany :-) You don't look like 21 y.o., from the way you think, the way you express yourself and the things you like. Thank you for your encouragement. I actually need it, very much.

cuttingedgefossil said...

希望新馬部落因爲你們而變得更加...不知道,我永遠都無法定義哲學. :)